1 Surgeon, 6 Nurses, 1 Patient Executive

We are strongly driven by the mission of providing quality care in an affordable and transparent manner to our patients. Led by Dr Lee Chee Wei, a family-oriented surgeon who focuses on his pa-tient’s health needs and concerns, has earned his name from his exquisitely detailed approach as a surgeon.

We believe in the positive effects of cohesive teamwork. The togetherness in the team and the pos-itive attitude that Nexus cultivates ensure a pleasant experience and good outcome for our patients.

We aim to provide a comprehensive service based on the use of the latest advances in technology, backed by rigorous scientific evidence and a balanced approach to the wide spectrum of vein and vascular diseases.

The Essence of nexus

We are friendly and helpful in answering your health related query and make sure you get the rele-vant and practical information before making a decision for your appointment, treatment and surgery.


We are energetic and positive people that constantly adapting to the ever-changing environment in healthcare. Don’t be overwhelmed if the centre is filled with laughter, food and coffee. That’s what keep us alert and lively!


We work in a well-organised and structured way because we can’t stand inefficiency.


We are a group of experienced healthcare providers. Check out our surgeon and staff profile to verify any of your doubts!

our team
Our Surgeon
Dr Lee Chee Wei

Dr Lee graduated from National University of Singapore in 1995 and embarked on his surgical training in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. This led to his Advanced Specialty Training in General Surgery which he completed in 2005. He also obtained his Fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2001.

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Leong Li-Kar
Nurse Manager
  • Passionate, Reliable, Outgoing
  • A registered nurse with 3 years experience in Operating Theatre
  • Joined Nexus since 2010
  • You will recognise her by her pitch-perfect, natural American accent, a by-product of her growing-up years spent in New York.
Pak Xin Hui
Nurse Clinician
  • Friendly, Straightforward, Practical
  • A registered nurse with 3 year experience in General Surgery
  • Joined Nexus since 2012
  • You will recognise her by her fair complexion that grows with a hint of pink and her down-to-earth personality.
Lim Ai Chin
Patient Executive
  • Cheerful, pleasant, sociable
  • An experienced front end executive in customer service sector
  • Joined Nexus since 2015
  • You will recognise her by her extroverted character and contagious laughter, a natural born com-municator.
Nur Basirah
Nurse Clinician
  • Bubbly, Lighthearted,
  • A registered nurse with 3 years experience in private specialist sector
  • Joined Nexus since 2014
  • You will recognise her by her big brownish eye and the wide friendly smile with a hijab.
Heather Ou
Nurse Clinician
  • Open-minded,positive, artistic
  • A registered nurse with 4 year experience in General Surgery
  • Joined Nexus since 2013
  • You will recognise her by her tall and slender build, thanks to her dedication and passion for dance.
Siah Chew Ching
Nurse Clinician
  • Accommodating,Caring, Humble
  • A registered nurse with extensive healthcare experience up to 16 years in multiple discipline such as General Surgery, General Medicine, Medical Oncology, Cardiology and day surgery ward.
  • Joined Nexus since 2011
  • You will recognise her by her black and straight shoulder length hair with a sense of calmness in her presence.