Spiderweb on legs?

Have you noticed?

Those fine purplish veins under the skin which appear like a spiderweb or tree branches at the back of your calves or lower thighs, they are spider veins.

What should I do?

Spider veins rarely cause any significant health problems. Most people do not feel any discomfort but some may experience unpleasant symptoms such as calf tightness, heavy legs or leg swelling and these symptoms could signify the presence of underlying venous hypertension in the larger veins of your legs. You should see a doctor who specialises in the treatment of vein problems for further assessment if you encounter any of these symptoms.


An ultrasound scan is usually performed to exclude venous hypertension. Any abnormalities in the superficial or deep veins have to be addressed prior to the treatment of spider veins, if not it will lead to recurrence of spider veins.


It is also common for people to remove spider veins for appearance and aesthetic reasons.


What are the treatments?

The traditional method for treating spider veins is by Injection Sclerotherapy. A chemical agent is injected into the spider veins using a very fine needle. The chemical then causes an inflammatory reaction in the spider veins, causing the veins to shrink and eventually disappear.


The other newer technique for treating spider veins is called Veingogh. This technique involves using a fine needle tip to deliver a microburst of energy into the spider veins to cause vein inflammation and shrink the spider veins. This is more suitable for fine spider veins. In general,  you will required a few sessions of treatments before seeing any visible improvement to the skin condition.



The vein and vascular surgeon, Dr Lee Chee Wei will assess your condition and provide a thorough explanation during the consultation. Talk to us at 6353 4855 or drop us an email to enquire about the cost for consultation and in-house ultrasound scan.


It is unlikely that the spider veins will improve unless you take action to have it treated by a vein and vascular expert.